Hundreds of Students Rally at Karachi Press Club to Condemn Israeli Aggressions in Gaza

KARACHI, Pakistan – In an overwhelming display of solidarity with the Palestinian people, hundreds of
students gathered at the Karachi Press Club on Saturday, October 21, 2023, for the Al Quds Solidarity
Walk, organized by Youth Intelligentsia.
The event served as a strong denunciation of the ongoing Israeli atrocities in Gaza, where, over a mere 13
days, more than 4,400 Palestinians have tragically lost their lives. With international concern growing
over the humanitarian crisis in Gaza, the event’s organizers and speakers shared their deep anguish over
the silence of the international community and their support for Israel’s actions.
Hamza Qureshi, President of Youth Intelligentsia, emphasized the urgency of the situation. He stated,
“The world must not remain silent in the face of the Israeli atrocities in Gaza. We are here to demand
justice and raise our voices for the innocent lives being lost daily.”
Maaz Siddiqui, ex-president of Youth Intelligentsia, lamented the abandonment of the Palestinian people
by the international community. “We stand in solidarity with Palestinians,” he stated, “as they continue to
fight against all odds.”
Mr. Navaid Ali Baig, CEO of Alkhidmat Karachi, discussed the critical situation in Gaza, where essential
supplies are scarce due to the ongoing crisis. He also highlighted the efforts of Alkhidmat in providing
humanitarian assistance to Palestinian brothers.
During the event, a monumental 100-ft Palestinian flag was unveiled, symbolizing the resilience and unity
of the protestors. A poignant photo gallery showcased images of injured Palestinian children and the
devastation caused by bombings, serving as a stark reminder of the tragedy unfolding in Gaza.
The event concluded with a torchbearer march along Press Club Road, where participants passionately
chanted slogans for Palestine, further underlining the unwavering support for the Palestinian cause.
The Al Quds Solidarity Walk reaffirms the unwavering commitment of the people of Karachi to stand
with the Palestinian community and to call for an end to the violence and aggression taking place in Gaza.
The international community is urged to take immediate and meaningful action to address this
humanitarian crisis.

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